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Together we can sing & make music

The Johnny Mars Foundation has been set up to inspire young people to come together in music & song and develop their own musical journey. As a mentor and musical director, Johnny Mars has travelled the world playing his harmonica, performing with leading musicians such as BB King and appearing alongside Bananarama in their hit video, The Preachman. Johnny wishes now to share this knowledge and help young talent within Somerset & the South West and across the UK to achieve their own musical success stories. The aim is a simple one – to bring together young voices to sing an anthem that will bring their voices together in music. It is an opportunity for young people to develop their own musical talent and become part of this extraordinary choir singing, developing their own music and learning to play instruments. A chance for young people to be follow their own music abilities with the support and guidance from the foundation. .

The song, Dare to Dream, has been written by Johnny Mars and will form part of the choir’s performance, as they play at major events in the UK. This is a real chance for young people to express themselves through song and to develop their own music, enhance their abilities in song and writing music & to develop a true love of music. Music has no limitations and by bringing together young people, we will witness one of the most powerful and influential opportunity to connect with an audience through their own lyrics and music. Allowing young people to use their own creative ideas, will build their confident and enhance their abilities by performing live to showcase their own musical talents.

This is an invitation to you, school children and students, parents and teachers, to come together and get involved in this truly inspiring and uplifting journey of music. Together, we can achieve great things. Singing and playing music has the ability to enhance all our lives and lyrics can touch so many people to understand and appreciate the beauty of music.

Johnny Mars has established himself, as one of the world’s greatest harmonica players and with his ‘Dare to Dream’ anthem, he will bring his love of music to a whole new audience. It is a truly ambitious vision of allowing all young people to have the opportunities to find their own musical journey. His own journey has given him the chance to play with incredible musicians and orchestras in Europe and across the world and as part of his vision, Johnny is keen to invite well-known artists to perform alongside the choir at music events and to see young people perform on stage with their own music and instruments. It is Johnny’s dream to see a world choir of young voices, coming together to perform across the UK and across the world.

Every young person has the ability to embrace their own musical journey…

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It truly is one anthem of creating music together.

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