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In these challenging times, we as human beings have to learn to live together.

As an Afro American, born in the southern states in America in 1942, I feel huge sadness in my heart. I am praying for George Floyd and his family.

As we have witness for many, many years globally these inhumane acts are happening in our lives, yet we, as brothers and sisters need to remain strong. My heart is full of pain at what I see and hear.

I strive to make my contribution to ensure the safety of our lives and the lives of future generations. I have a concept, Dare to Dream One World, that will bring children and young people together and make the world a better place, to live without fear and to be who they are, beautiful human being.

Johnny Mars

The project is an opportunity for children/young people to explore music within their existing lessons at school by encouraging them to express themselves through music. Schools will host performances allowing participants to share their own music and to work together as a team and share ideas between them. It also allows children and young people to identify issues and concerns that are troubling them encourages the sharing of experiences and solutions under the knowledge and direction of Johnny Mars and the Johnny Mars Foundation. It allows each child to express themselves through their own songs, music or the empowerment of learning to play the harmonica which has been designed to allow all children to feel confident whilst learning a musical instrument.

The project will host performances under the Dare to Dream One World theme, allowing children to come together and will provide learning materials within a magazine (The Beat) six times a year to connect with the children as they develop their own music, anthems/songs or abilities within or outside school. This will be part of the existing music lessons and will be overseen by the Johnny Mars Foundation to encourage every child to develop their individual musical journey. It is a way of connecting children with each other and encourage them to work together to achieve and build confidence and utilise the knowledge, enthusiasm and skills of Johnny Mars, the musician and provide ‘a once in a lifetime’ opportunity for every child or young person.

The ability to play music or to sing a global anthem accompanied by their own school anthem will assist with their own wellbeing within the classroom, at home and allow music to give them a voice of expression. The vision is to bring hundreds of children together to perform in the coming years and to showcase their own musical ability whether it’s writing, performing or creating music. Every child can learn to play the harmonica and every child can express themselves within a song whilst equipping every school with its own anthem created by its pupils. The opportunity to see young people working and sharing ideas, expressing themselves and achieving their own music, is one that allows a child to develop and engage and feel more inclusive. No child will be excluded and the project is design to be led by the children, for the children.

Johnny Mars has performed with leading artists including Joss Stone, BB King and appears on the Preacherman video with Bananarama. Johnny has already started the project with the Glastonbury Community Youth programme but we are now planning to spread this across the UK and beyond by encouraging children and young people of all different backgrounds to be involved with the project.

Every music teacher will be provided with educational packs to help them explore music within the lessons. Music will be a tool of self-expression facilitated by the JM Foundation. The JM Foundation will approach schools and music teachers and work jointly throughout the school year to encourage children to follow their own musical journey and offer support to those children who want to develop their music abilities throughout their education. Initially launched in the UK the aim is for this exciting project to become global.

Johnny Mars by Jason Holt
Johnny Mars by Jason Holt
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