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Welcome to the Johnny Mars Foundation! Dare to dream - one world!

Let’s begin a musical journey

The Johnny Mars Foundation has been set up to inspire young people to come together in music & song and develop their own musical journey. As mentor and musical director, Johnny Mars, has travelled the world playing his harmonica, performing with leading musicians such as BB King and appearing alongside Bananarama in their hit video, The Preachman.

The aim of the Johnny Mars Foundation is a simple one – to bring together young voices to sing a global anthem that will bring together one voice in song. It is an opportunity for young people to develop their own musical talent and become part of this extraordinary choir singing their own words, playing their own instruments or creating their own music. A chance to become part of a young people’s musical family. As part of the music lessons in school, our aim is for young people to embrace their own musical aspirations and develop their own musical journey.

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